By this time you have probably heard about The 21 Day Fat Blast.  Over 4500 participants have completed this program at gyms, corporate business locations, country clubs, churches, and schools in the Birmingham area and the average participant loses over 3 inches in just 21 Days.  Some have lost even 5 or more inches! COME JOIN US AT OUR BLUFF PARK LOCATION (AT HOOVER FITNESS) OR AT OUR NEW SOUTH LOCATION, LOCATED AT 255 RIVERCHASE PKWY EAST, SUITE L. (halfway between hwy 31 and Valleydale Rd.) (for other locations, visit

The 21 Day Fat Blast is safe, affordable, and literally anyone can do it.  We can't stress enough how safe and effective this program is.  And how user-friendly it is.  We have had ages 10-80 participate, people in shape and out of shape, people who have never worked out a day in their life, and we can work around or through any injury.  We have even had an amputee do the program and get results.  And best of all, the program is only $99 - much more affordable than other programs that charge at least $150 per month.

   John Chatta  down 55lbs!

  Nikki - 100lbs, 20 inches 20% body fat

 Emily- 5 inches first 21 days!