Who can participate?
Anyone who will show up and wants results. Literally anyone from a beginner to someone in tip-top shape can participate and will get results. The program is designed for everyone. We have had everyone from an amputee to a 13 year old to an 80 year old to extremely out of shape to extremely in shape. So, if you fall anywhere in between any of those, you can participate.

What is the schedule like?

You can meet at either of our 21 Day Fat Blast locations at any of the following times.   Our Hoover Fitness location, 2153 Clearbrook Road  Hoover, AL 35226 and our Riverchase location, 255 Riverchase Pkwy East, Suite L  Hoover, AL 35244.  

We meet on the following days and times:

Mondays (both locations)

Hoover Fitness: 545am, 930am, 4pm, 445pm, and 530pm

Riverchase: 545am, 4pm

Tuesdays (Hoover Fitness only)

Hoover Fitness: 545am, 930am, 4pm, 445pm, and 530pm

Wednesdays (Riverchase only)

Riverchase: 545am, 4pm, 445pm

Thursdays (both locations)

Hoover Fitness: 545am, 930am, 4pm, 445pm, and 530pm

Riverchase: 545am, 4pm

Fridays (Hoover Fitness only)

Hoover Fitness: 930am

Will I get results?
Yes. You will if you stick with it and do the program.

What about diet?
We will give you The no-discipline-easy-to-follow 21 Day Diet Tips that will help you during the 21 days. Nothing crazy, just some simple, easy changes you can make!

How do I sign up?
Simply click here to register for your first class, and get one week free!

Do I need a partner?
Partners are recommended for accountability, but are not mandatory by any means. About half of the participants do not have a partner.

Can I see some results of people who have participated?
Yes - click here to look at photos and read the stories!

How much is the program?
For ONLY $99, you get the 21 Days of workouts, plus a bonus week of workouts, the 21 Day Diet Tips, and ongoing support. So, BASICALLY 3-4 WEEKS OF PERSONAL TRAINING FOR ONLY $99!

What if I have to miss some days?
That is ok. You can still do the program. And you will still get results. We can instruct you on what to do on any days you miss, or you can make them up after the 21 days in the bonus week (so, you really have 25-30 days to get in your 21 days!). No matter what, even if you miss some time, you will still end up doing a lot more than you normally would during the 3 to 4 weeks!