Are you passionate about fitness?

Are you interested in a profitable turnkey business with very little start-up costs?

Do you like helping others?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then now is the time to look into becoming a Fat Blast Affiliate. Our affiliate program is perfect for you. It is much easier and much less expensive than a traditional franchise business. You pay a yearly fee (upfront or monthly payments) to get the rights to use our established and trademarked name and the general marketing that goes with it and we provide you with the Fat Blast workouts to use in your classes. This business can be conducted in your gargage, at your gym, at your place of work, or in an independent location like our South location. This business can have total start up costs of $5000 or less, which includes the affiliate fees! These prices include affiliation fees, equipment, and every other cost you may have when opening your own Fat Blast location. Our turnkey plan will provide you with everything you need to know to get the door open and start making money, such as:

  • Help finding a location and everything you need to do to get it open and ready to facilitate classes
  • Help obtaining business licenses and insurance
  • Detailed list of equipment needed (usually under $500!) and best ways to purchase
  • Marketing and Advertising Options for your location(s) and Help (plus our general brand marketing)
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Email Marketing Strategy and Materials
  • Trainer Certification (All affiliate partners must be Fat Blast certified)
  • Liability Waivers, Sign Up Sheets, and Credit Card Payments, and other billing information
  • Diet Coaching support
  • Ongoing Fat Blast training and support

The Net Income potential ranges from $1000-$7000 per month per location.
Open multiple locations with one affiliate fee to maximize profits (some restrictions may apply)

Want more information or want to discuss further how you can become an affiliate? Email us at and we can set up a meeting at our corporate training center and show you just how easy this can be!