Tiffany Bruce is a Fat Blast certified trainer. She is also a Team Diet Challenge diet coach. Tiffany started in December of 2014 as a Fat Blast participant. After months of successful training, Tiffany became Fat Blast certified and started leading Fat Blast workouts. In August of 2015 she became a Team Diet Challenge diet coach and successfully lead her first team of Diet Challenge participants to an average loss of 10lbs in their first month!

Tiffany’s pictures below show her own personal results from doing Fat Blast training and Team Diet Challenge Diet. She is down 10lbs and 6.5% body fat and 4.5 inches. Tiffany is a top Fat Blast trainer and leads others not only by her coaching, but by her example.


Jason Cerniglia is a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Sports Nutritionist, and a veteran of the fitness industry for over 15 years. Jason is the owner of Hoover Fitness, the creator of The 301 Workout, the creator and owner of the 21 Day Fat Blast, co-creator of the Team Diet Challenge, started and co-operates Strength Through Faith Christian service organization, and is a devout follower of Jesus Christ. Jason was born and raised in Hoover, Alabama, attended High School at W.A. Berry in Hoover, and graduated from Auburn University. Jason is currently earning a masters degree in Public Health. Jason has spent his entire life training and developing his body and mind through the principles that he teaches. Jason has spent the past 15 years working with thousands of clients on diet and exercise and the past 9 years as an owner of a health club. In July of 2008, Jason was named by Club Solutions Magazine as the “Most Fit Health Club Professional in America” and in 2012, Jason was named by Personal Fitness Professional Magazine as a “Top 10 Personal Trainer in America.” Jason is the Author of the book, Look Great. Feel Great. And Still Eat Pizza! and writes the famous blog, DietExercisePizza on AL.Com. Jason is now actively involved in the “Preventive Health Movement” in America, and his goal is to make a tremendous impact on helping America improve its physical and economic problems caused by obesity and other preventable health problems. Jason is a Fitness Professional and a Preventive Health Specialist.


Evan is an Army veteran who has served multiple tours of duty and is a Purple Heart recipient. Before entering the military, Evan was a personal trainer and a manager of a fitness center. Evan has since returned to the training world as a Fat Blast trainer and a Team Diet Coach.

"Since beginning the 21 day Fat Blast program I have gained better cardiovascular strength and muscle stamina. I can already begin to see changes in fat loss with better muscle definition and it has only been a few months! Since starting the T30 Team Diet Challenge I have completely changed the way I look at food. I have learned the difference in eating organically and controlling my calorie intake to facilitate my health goals. I have more energy and feel that I am finally properly fueling my body with foods that promote a better life."

"As a Fat Blast participant what I like best about the workouts is how efficient and effective they are. In just approximately 40-45 mins I am able to exercise every part of my body while getting in the cardio at the same time! It really makes working out not feel so much like a chore and more like something I can look forward to because I know that it is always going to be something new and totally effective!"

"Being a Fat Blast Trainer really has many benefits, but the participants are what I like best about it. The people who come to the workouts always seem to have a good time, maintain a positive attitude, and are very engaged in the workouts. The atmosphere is so laid back and the people are all from different walks of life. You have some who have never worked out, some who have been working out forever, and some that are trying to get back into it. Whenever there is a new participant, usually everyone else taking the class greets them before I even get a chance to! It truly is an awesome environment to exercise in!"